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Ten Questions about Tattoo Removal Answered

Tattoo removal is a process that many people question. If a person is contemplating tattoo removal, it can be hard to determine if the process is worthwhile for them to undergo. San Antonio, TX tattoo removal may greatly help you a lot. They may have known someone who successfully got an unwanted tattoo removed, but are unsure how the process would work for them. 

If they thought about getting a tattoo taken off and years have passed, they may wonder if technology has made enough advances to make it easier to do and less expensive. The experts who remove tattoos understand that there are many questions a potential patient has. As they have removed thousands of tattoos with lasers, they know that there are common questions that people have. Here are the top ten along with the answers.


10 - Can my tattoo really be removed? 

A majority of tattoos can be removed. Black ink tattoos are the most common and the most simple to remove. Other colors that can be successfully removed include purple, blue, brown, red, orange, yellow and dark green. The most challenging colors to take off are light green or turquoise. Usually, these can be lightened, but they cannot be completely removed. If you are concerned about the colors you need removed, contact a specialized tattoo removal clinic for more details.


9 - Is the laser used to remove the tattoo dangerous? 

The radiation that is emitted by a tattoo removal laser is non-ionizing which means it has no risk of causing cancers or abnormal cells to grow. You do want to make sure that the clinic you get the procedure done at only uses the laser for the removal of tattoos and nothing else. The lasers that should be used should be specially designed for tattoo removal. Also, the technician working with the laser should use protective goggles. All tools used in the process will have undergone an FDA approval process. 

8- What kind of laser does remove the tattoo? 

At Dallas tattoo removal clinics, we use a top brand which is an effective and safe removal laser. We use several top brands to ensure efficient tattoo removal.  Lasers use two wavelengths of light that break down the ink to take off a tattoo.

7 - Does tattoo removal cause the skin to scar? 

It will not if an experienced professional is using the laser. The laser will not harm skin if a physician’s assistant, doctor or nurse practitioner uses it competently. Always go to a clinic that has technicians who have advanced medical training in handling lasers.

6 - How long must a person go between tattoo removal sessions? 

Most patients will get a session, wait four weeks and then return for another session. For anyone who has a brightly colored tattoo, they should wait six weeks in between sessions. You can find out what will work best for you during your initial consultation with the tattoo removal doctor.

5 – What are the possible side effects? 

For patients that have black ink or dark ink tattoos, they will experience slight swelling and redness. These side effects usually go away after one week. For patients with brightly colored tattoos, there may be some blistering. This is normal and will heal on its own.

4 - How does the laser break down the tattoo ink? 

It first works to cause the pigment to absorb the laser energy. This causes the ink to break up and shatter. The fast pulses and high intensity of the laser cause the tattoo pigments to break up.

3 – How painful is the laser treatment?

Some patients say the pain is almost as uncomfortable as getting a tattoo but the process is much faster. Each session can last for five or 30 minutes. Your clinic will also use a variety of methods to help their patients feel as little discomfort as possible. 

2 - How many tattoo removal sessions are needed?

For most patients, three to ten sessions will get rid of the unwanted tattoo. The session number depends on the amount of ink in it, its coloration and its age. Ask your clinic to go over how many sessions you will need to get to remove your tattoo.

1 – How much does a tattoo removal session cost?

The price of a session will be determined by the size of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos are much less expensive than entire sleeves. Price is an important consideration, but the quality of the medical staff must factor in, too. The more experienced the staff is, the faster they will be able to remove your tattoo and will likely help you save money in the process.

Now that you have this information, you should be better able to determine if tattoo laser removal is for you. If you have more questions, reach out to a local clinic that specializes in tattoo laser removal. They will help make sure you get the perfect treatment for your tattoo removal.